Jesse and Noah have a wide array of music in their background. Born in Darby, Florida, the brothers were raised on the family cattle ranch but chose music as a career. By the time they moved to Nashville in 2002, they were well versed in the older country music that their grandmother loved and the pop/country sounds played by David and Howard Bellamy, known around the world as the Bellamy Brothers. David just happens to be their dad. Then there were the pop and rock influences they listened to as teens.

The duo’s latest single, “The Vision,” was just released. It has an accompanying video filmed in the badlands of Alberta, Canada. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jesse and Noah were unable to participate in the video, but they had no worries that it would be a video that effectively portrayed the story related in the song. “We met Al Moon, who did the video for us, some time back, and we became fans of her work,” Jesse said. “We just gave her the song and said go with it. She lives close to the Badlands so she chose to do the shoot there.”