Jesse & Noah are a country-folk-rock-duo originally from Darby, FL.  
Jesse Bellamy, lead vocalist, and Noah Bellamy, multi-instrumentalist
& studio engineer, are currently living and working in Nashville, TN,
writing their follow-up to the 2016 independent release Southern Usonia.  
The brothers share songwriting & arranging responsibilities, maintaining
a locally-sourced roster of supporting players for their live performances
and studio recordings. 

While they have explored the spectrum of production approaches, their
most recent work demonstrates an authenticity gained through decades
of experience in self-direction, and an aptitude for their craft that is almost
surprising from two guys who appear much younger than their years.  
Noah Bellamy is well-versed in the role of lead instrumentalist, comfortably 
blending the edges of  traditional country stylings with flourishes of sophistication
that reflect an appreciation for a broader variety of cultural influences. 
In a game where the artists' playbook seems to change its rules at every turn,
Jesse Bellamy's vocal delivery is uncompromisingly honest as it is adaptive
to the harmonic framing offered by his brother.  

The forthcoming project will be their fifth full-length album.  With a sonic
landscape as colorful as the American South it draws influence from, it's no
surprise to learn that their musical pedigree points directly back to some of the
pioneers of the genre.  The uniqueness of their perspective on the oft-misunderstood
marriage between art & commercialism in the music industry is reflected in the key
track "This Town was Built on Heartbreak Songs", premiered last year by
Rolling Stone Country.   Jesse & Noah have remained true to their roots while
continuing to evolve their own brand of southern contemporary rock. 
Let's just call it a not-so-secret family recipe.