“Leave Love Alone” Releases on June 28 learn more HERE

Jesse and Noah will release the anthemic, alt-country/blues rock track for “Leave Love Alone” on Friday, June 28 on Usonia Records, distributed by Select-O-Hits. The video for the song releases the same day.

“The song is about trying to push love away, only to be drawn back to it time and time again by its inevitable pull,” says Jesse. “Getting the song together was definitely a journey. I remember having it in an old notebook of hooks and titles. Simon Bruce and I hammered out a lot of it out in an apartment in Nashville where we had a studio set up.

“Simon was working with Daniel Tashian and they finished it. I didn’t hear the song again until Simon sent it to me recently, coincidentally when we were talking to Pino Squillace about producing something for us.”

Jesse and Noah brought in their live band for the recording and Pino added other players that he works with, including Mike Klooster from Smash Mouth. “We had known Pino a long time because he’s been involved in so much of the Nashville scene,” Jesse says. “The song ended up being a weird culmination of people and processes over time, but that’s how it often happens.”

The video for “Leave Love Alone” was shot on top of a parking garage in downtown Nashville with director NitainNashville. “Our approach to video is similar to our recording approach in the way that it’s guerrilla style,” Jesse explains. “We picked out the spot where we wanted to do it, then we just showed up, no permission asked, set up the band and shot it.

“It was a little colder than anticipated so it was a quick shoot,” he adds with a laugh.

The single will be available on all audio channels, while the video can be viewed on all video sites. Fans can purchase the single where all digital music is sold and streamed.